Welcome to my world!

I’m Anna, self-taught artist from Wrocław, Poland.
I specialize in acrylic paintings and drawing caricatures and portraits.

My art

My paintings are characterized by lively and energetic colors.
I enjoy doing floral and abstract paintings, although I try many techniques including acrylic pour. I want my paintings to stimulate the senses and have a positive influence on your well-being.

They definitely bring a lot of positive energy and can brighten up any interior. If you want to let in your life some color
I encourage you to check my gallery and choose something for you.


Even though I call them “caricatures” acually it is a “funny portrait”.
What I mean by that is that I don’t deform face, but I focus on drawing the scene that makes this “funny portrait” more personal.

A person who has been drawn can identify with the drawing because it includes things ascociated with their hobbies, passions, work etc. Thanks to that you don’t need to worry that person who receives the caricture will be offended by having big ugly nose or teeth!

Get in touch

e-mail: wawrzyniak.anna92@gmail.com

tel. +48 516 728 181

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