Portrait size A4 -one person on the drawing- 120zł/ 28 €
Portrait size A3 -one person on the drawing – 150zł/ 35 €
Portrait size A3 – 2 persons on the drawing – 170zł/ 37 €
Portrait size A3 – 3 persons on the drawing – 200zł/ 47 €
Portrait size 40x50cm – one person on the drawing- 180zł/ 42 €
Portrait size 40x50cm – 2 persons on the drawing – 220zł/ 52 €
Portrait size 40x50cm – 3 persons on the drawing – 250zł/ 58 €


Caricature size A4 – one person on the drawing – 100zł/24€
Caricature size A3 – one person on the drawing – 110zł/ 25 €
Caricature size A3 – 2 persons on the drawing – 140zł/ 33 €
Caricature size A3 – 3 persons on the drawing – 160zł/ 37 €
Caricature size 40x50cm – one person on the drawing -160zł/ 38 €
Caricature size 40x50cm -2 persons on the drawing – 190zł/ 45 €
Caricature size  40x50cm -3 persons on the drawing – 220zł/52 €

Are you interested in another size  or more people on the drawing? Contact me to get pricing!


     Shipping within Poland:

        Courier DPD – 15zł/ 3,5 €  (delivery usually next day)

        Courier DPD – 20zł/ 4,7 € (size 40x50cm or bigger)

Personal pick up in Wrocław – FREE

International shipping:

Contact me.

 How to order  caricature or portrait?

To order you caricature please call or write to me an email answering the questions below:

1) How many people are going to be drawn?
2) Which size are you interested in?

3) Caricature or portrait?
4) When is the deadline?
5) Are you going to pick it up or do you want me to send it?
6) Who will be on the drawing (family, friend, coworker, boss etc.)?
What is the occasion?

7)How do you imagine the caricature? Do you have any ideas?

8) Other informations that you consider important.
9) Full name and phone number.

After receiving such email I will answer if it’s possible to make the drawing
in expected time and if possible, we will talk about other details of the order.


Size A4 – max. 2 person on the drawing

Size A3 –  recommened size 1-4 persons on the drawing

Size 40x50cm – 5-10 person

Contact me if you want a diffrent size or more people on the drawing.


Alle the elements of the background or items which are drawn on the caricature are included in the price.

What would you like to include in the caricature?

Is there something that I should pay more attention to?

Caricature is a very fun and orginal gift, which has special meaning if the drawing
shows items/background/situation that is reminding about the person who is drawn.

Does that person have any special hobbies?

Does she/he like fishing, football, cars?

Maybe she/he likes cooking, dancing or she/he is always reading books?

Or maybe it is a caricature for a coworker and you would like her to be drawn
in a office with a pile of documents?:)

There are many possibilites and you know that person the best, so please tell me
how can we personlize this caricature and make it great gift!

If you don’t have any special idea how should this drawing look like – just give me
a topic and I will let my imagination work and I will create a caricature that will make you and the recipient happy!

If you want to include on the drawing something specific like for example car of a specific brand or something that your friend owns – please send me the picture or describe it well.

After approving the deadline and confirming the order it’s time to send me proper photo! 🙂

Remember that good quality photo means good caricature, so take your time to pick the right one.

  1. The photo should be big, good quality and it would be the best if it’s showing the person from arms and above.

  2. I need to be able to zoom in the photo without it being pixelized.

  3. Remeber that caricature is made from the photo that you send to me.
    Caricature will be similar to the person from the photo, so make sure that this person really looks like herself/himself 🙂

  4. The best photos are made “en face” and the person should look at the camera.
    Pictures where the person looks down or unexpected ones, made as hidden camera are not good.

  5. It will be useful if you send me whole body photo or at least describe it. (If the person is tall, short, skinny or more round).
    If the person is self-concious about their body and I shouldn’t exaggarate their “flaws”, tell me about that.
    We want that person to be happy about the gift, not upset 🙂

  6. The face should be happy, bright, delicate or big smile (depending of how usually is the person).
    Don’t send unflattering pictures with sad, angry face or frowning from the sun.

  7. I don’t make caricatures from couplel of diffrent photos – “from this photo smile, from this photo eyes…”.
    Making  person from sad to smiling is also not possible, because caricature will not be similar to that person anymore.

  8. I don’t draw from pictures of pictures (“I have a photo in an old album, so I will scan it or take a photo of it”).
    The quality of such pictures is very low and it will affect the caricature.